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Outdoor Mushroom Log Kits contain a drill bit, complete instructions, sealing wax, a wax applicator, and 100ct plug spawn or voucher (see below).

Hen of the Woods is a tasty polypore that frequently weighs twenty pounds. It gets its name from resembling a small hen covered with leaves. Hen of the Woods mushrooms grow on oak logs and should be buried under the top soil to mimic how they grow naturally. 

Hen of Woods has a semi-firm texture and taste similar to eggplant. It can be ripped into small pieces and added to a dish or left large to be the centerpiece of a meal.

Hen of the Woods is traditionally valued for its medicinal qualities and has been used to reduce cancer growth as well as lower blood pressure and cholesterol. In human trials, Hen of the Woods improved symptoms by over 50% in patients with second to fourth stage liver or breast cancer (Lindequist, 2005). Hen of the Woods has also been found to contain COX-1 and COX-2 inhibitors as well as antioxidant compounds (Yanjun Zhang et al. 2002). According to Rogers in his book, 'The Fungal Pharmacy', "the combination of COX-2 inhibitors with radiation or cancer prevention drugs has been a reported benefit to patients" (Rogers, 2011). While boasting medicinal properties, Hen of the Woods can also be dried, powdered and turned into a restoring tea. The dried powder has been shown to reduce hypertension (Rogers, 2011). 

Difficulty: Advanced 

Hen of the Woods mushrooms are great for enthusiast growers who have had some success with other species. Hen works best when fully colonized logs are buried underground. 

Spawn is living and perishable.

It can live unrefrigerated for up to three months, though it is best to keep it refrigerated for long-term storage. Because of its perishability, we offer our Outdoor Mushroom Log Kits with two options:

Outdoor Mushroom Log Kits can be shipped either with mushroom spawn included (for projects that will begin within 3 months of the order date) or shipped with a voucher for receiving spawn at a later date (best for holiday gifts or projects beyond a 3 month start date).

Hen Of The Woods Outdoor Mushroom Log Kit

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