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This is a full set tent, lighting, hydroponics systems, hangers, timer,  and nutrients. Incuded is 1 Momma Bubbler DWC Bucket sets (1 airpumps, 1 Black 5 gallon buckets with grommet installed, 1 8" mesh bucket topper, Premium Hydroton growing media, 1 High quality air pumps, 2 3/16" tubing and T fitting, 1 4" airstones, 1 Expansion t fitting with EZ Pull End Caps) 1 Sunsystem reflector with built in 150 watt hps ballast(lamp and hangers included), 1 set of 2  Sungrip Push Button Adjustable hangers, GH Flora Series Perfomance Pack (1 pint Flora Micro, 1 pint Flora Gro, 1 pint Flora Bloom, 8 oz. Flora Blend, 8 oz. Kool Bloom, 4 oz. Flora Kleen, 1 oz rapid start, 1 oz. Florolicious Plus, 1 oz. Ph test indicater) 1 GrowLab 60 Grow Tent (2'X2'X5'3"), and 1 Apollo 8 Two Outlet 24 hour mechanical timer.
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Complete Hydroponics Grow Room Economical

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