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Aloe Vera are arguably one of the world's most popular succulent varieties. Famous for its medicinal uses, aloe plants are a must-have for retail garden centers. These upright succulents are easy to care for and grow best in dry conditions. Take care to use a well-drained potting soil as aloe vera do not grow well in standing water.

Our high-quality 50-cell plug trays come ready to transplant into your final container.

Growing Tips


Grow succulent plants on the dry side in a very well-drained soil. They store water in their leaves and do not need to be watered as often as other plants. We recommend using a water soluble feed every two weeks at 150 ppm N. Do not allow the plant to stay saturated or you will develop root and stem rot. Maintain a pH between 5.8-6.2.


Succulents do not require pinching.


Space your succulents as needed based on their size. They can be grown in spaced pots for retail or used in combination with other plants in combination planters.

Height Control

Plant growth regulators are not necessary.


Succulents have no real pest problems.


Succulents are not prone to many diseases but don't oversaturate the soil. If the plant sits in moist soil for an extended amount of time, you could end up with root rot, stem rot or botrytis. Botrytis grey rot is usually associated with wet or humid conditions. You can prevent botrytis by allowing the plant to dry out between waterings, allowing for good airflow in your greenhouse, and spacing to allow the sun to penetrate to the soil level. The most common chemicals used to treat botrytis and root rot are Medallion and Banrot. Use them as a drench according to each label's instructions.

Aloe Vera 4" Potted

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