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4 packs of Baker Creek seeds(1 PackCarolina Reaper, 1 Pack ghost/ Bhut Jolokia, 1 Pack Apocalypse Scorpion Pepper, 1 Pack Trinidad Scorpion Pepper seed packs) 

Carolina Reaper (10 seeds) Hot Pepper
120 days. Believed to be the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper is a serious scorcher! For those extreme pepper eaters, Carolina Reaper is a must. For those less adventurous, they make a great conversation piece in the garden. These devious little peppers are fiery red with a little scythe shaped tail at the base of many fruit, hence the name reaper. The heat rating on these monsters can be over 1,500,000 Scovilles; in comparison the spicy habanero is a mere 100,000 Scovilles!

Bhut Jolokia, Red or Ghost Pepper
100-120 days from transplant—Also known as Ghost Pepper, Naga Morich. Legendary variety, one of the world's hottest peppers, with readings in excess of 1,000,000 Scoville units! Bhut Jolokia starts out slow but eventually makes tall plants, exceeding 4 ft in favored locations. The thin-walled, wrinkled, pointed fruits reach 2-3" in length, ripening mostly to red.

Apocalypse Scorpion Hot Pepper
Possibly the world's hottest pepper! This punishing pepper was developed by the Italian Pepper Lovers' Association. Thanks to over 5 grueling years of breeding for intense heat, this super hot scorpion type pepper stands a chance to be a record breaker! Our head seedsman Martin Walsh and Garden Manager Kendall Slaughter worked together to grow and test this variety for a Scoville Heat Unit rating. Using a few techniques like pre-harvest defoliation and a special fertilization schedule, the team was able to produce a pepper that reached a whopping 1.22 Million scovilles! We believe that a late season rain may have cooled the peppers off and with better irrigation restriction, this variety could easily reach over 1.5 million and perhaps even surpass the current world record holder! Plants reach 4 feet tall and produce an abundance of fiery peppers.

Trinidad Scorpion Pepper
90 days. Former record holder for heat--nearly the hottest chili on the planet! Wrinkled, lantern-shaped fruit ripens to a searing red-orange. Was named as the world’s hottest pepper by the New Mexico Chile Institute, edging out the previous record holder, Bhut Jolokia. Trinidad Scorpion averaged at 1.2 million Scovilles. Who needs pepper spray?

4 Seeds Packs Of the Hottest Peppers (see below)

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